Insulate against draughts: save £75

Stopping heat from escaping through unwanted gaps could help you save around £75 a year.
Take a look at the following areas:

Windows – use draught-proofing strips around the frame, brush strips work better for sash windows.
Doors – use draught-proofing strips for gaps around the edges and brush or hinged flap draught
excluders on the bottom of doors.

Chimney and fireplace – if you don’t use your fireplace, use an inflatable cushion to block the
chimney or fit a cap over the chimney pot.

Floorboards and skirting – as floorboards need to move, use a flexible silicon-based filler to
fill the gaps.

Loft hatches – the use of draught-proofing strips will help stop hot air escaping.

Already repaired large draughty areas?
Consider smaller holes of air such as keyholes and letterboxes.